Trucksmart Extending Trading Hours………AGAIN

4 months into a new home, things have been on the up for Trucksmart Newcastle. With sales & customers increasing daily, the demand to further look after customers has lead to Trucksmart extending its trading hours from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday for both parts & service.
Newcastle Branch Manager Michael Body was positive in stating this was a good move for Trucksmart Newcastle’s customers. ‘We now have the right staffing levels to be able to extend our trading hours to benefit our customers, Trucksmart already provides quality parts compatible with Volvo trucks at the best prices & The best service team in Newcastle on all truck makes so why not extend that availability for our customers to take advantage off’.
Trucksmart Newcastle would also like to remind its customers that it is open Saturdays from 8am to Midday for parts & service is open by appointment.
Finally Trucksmart Newcastle is also now taking bookings for the Christmas break for any work required & will only be closed on the public holidays.
Trucksmart Hours
Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – Midday **
**Parts only, service booked by appointment