Trucksmart supports Community First Disaster Relief


Trucksmart in 2016 has continued on with its support of Newcastle Local Peter West and his new charity Community First Disaster Relief. Community First Disaster relief has been setup by Mr West, his family and strong team of volunteers. Community first prides itself in supporting the most vulnerable of people in our society; these include domestic violence cases, single mums in need and major disasters. They also support public servants including the police and emergency services in their duties as well.

Mr West as always was grateful for Trucksmart’s continued support by stating; ‘As a charity, it is important to have company sponsorship, Trucksmart as an independent organization is vital to me and Community First’

Trucksmart’s support of Peter over the years with his charity work is highly tied to Peter’s former involvement in running his own business in the heavy vehicle industry with Peter driving trucks for 25 years.

Trucksmart customers all around Australia would have started noticing that over the previous month that they have been receiving small gifts of appreciation with their parts. This has been all down to Mr West and his team. Trucksmart in return has been providing $10 for every workshop job completed at the Beresfield Branch. The continued growth of Trucksmart’s business as a seller of genuine, aftermarket and OEM quality Volvo parts and the running of a workshop capable of all service and truck repairs is benefitting not only helping Community First Disaster relief but all Volvo truck owners and Trucksmart workshop customers.

Managing director David Body was highly supportive when it came to Peter’s work in the community; ‘Peter is a fantastic individual with a fantastic work ethic that matches our team here at Trucksmart, his continued support of the local communities in disasters is second to none and we look forward to seeing Peter’s new charity grow’. ‘As Trucksmart continues to grow as a business we will be able to further commit to supporting local charities like Peter’s and Community first, as this is an important part in business to support local charities’



Community First Disaster Reliefs Peter West