darker blue

Trucksmart has heralded a new era with the announcement today that it has changed its logo to a more modern design and parking the ‘whoosh’ truck design of 1994 to the history books.

2IC at Trucksmart, Michael Body was seen very excited as he said “it is important we change our logo now as we move further into this year. As a team we have mapped out the future and where we are going in the short to medium term. The timing and cost perspective changing the logo is important” he said

David Body, managing director of Trucksmart said “Our old logo was the creation of a modernised Isuzu of the late eighties which served us well when we were selling used Japanese trucks and, to be honest it really hasn’t identified who we are that well for a long time”

Trucksmart’s early beginnings were in truck sales, buying and selling ex government trucks from the auctions, followed by a long period of being an authorised Volvo dealer. Due to the Volvo relationship ending a new era begun, importing parts compatible with Volvo trucks.

Michael went on the to say, “our growth in the local Newcastle market and our national distribution is working well for us; every week we have new customers, mainly referred from other happy customers knocking on our door asking about our parts. “Aftermarket parts market throughout the world is large and Australian truck owners now have a real opportunity to save money on the repairs and maintenance of their Volvo trucks”

David followed on with “our parts and workshop businesses are at capacity now which tells me there is some positive activity in transport; trucks are moving again and Volvo is in the best position with its relatively new model breaking sales records year on year. Our business naturally ties into that success with our OEM and aftermarket parts”

Mr David Body finalised in saying that the new logo was just the beginning of exciting news for the company in 2016.